Why Retarget


Total Visitors to your Site

as a result of your marketing investments in SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, Social, Offline, Inbound Marketing and more!


Visitors that Convert

by doing a purchase, filling out a form on your website or by requesting a demo or call etc.


Visitors you Lose

who may never come back again making all the marketing investment in acquiring these visitors useless.

Retargeting Display Ads let you stay in front of those 95% site vistors even after they leave your website.

Stay Top of Mind

By retareting these visitors you can stay fresh in their mind, push the latest offers or provide a customized offer to bring them back

Improve overall ROI

Retargeting campaigns have a great ROI usually returning $10 for every $1 spent and improves the overall ROI of all your other marketing activities

Grow Brand Awareness

Through retargeting you can maintain a greater visibility infront of these non-converting site visitors and increase your brand recall

Dynamic Retargeting

Show personalized display ads with the products that the users are most interested in. Product images, prices, offers, etc. are selected dynamically from a feed in real-time.

1. User browses for product on your website
user browses site
2. User leaves and browses other websites
user visits other sites
3. User retargeted with a dynamic ad using real-time data
user targeted with personalized ad
4. On click user is brought back to specific product page
user comes back to product page

AdBuilder to Build & Setup Dynamic Ads

Customize and build your dynamic ads in a self-serve manner. Make changes, setup tests of different call to actions, ad copies in minutes.

Category Level Bidding

Not all products are equal. You can setup category level bid rules and make changes anytime with our self-serve interface.

Fast & Easy Implementation

We have built a simple self-service process to launch dynamic retargeting campaigns in hours. We also provide free support to help you get started and guide you on best practices

Segment Retargeting

Create segments of your site visitors based on search terms, marketing channels, their behavior on your site, your CRM data etc. and retarget each segment with a customized ad.

1. Users come to your website through a search engine and are segmented based on a search term segment rule
user browses site
2. Users leave and browse other websites

user visits other sites
3. Users retargeted with a specific ad based on the segment they belong to

user targeted with personalized ad
4. On click user is brought back to specific product page targeted for each segment

user comes back to product page

Rules Engine to create Segments

Our rules engine lets you create and target segments of your site audience based on page attributes, referring page attributes and custom CRM/ Third-Party attributes.

AdBuilder to Build Custom Segment Ads

Customize and build ads for each of your segments in minutes. Make changes, setup tests of different call to actions, ad copies.

A/B Test Your Ads

Bayesian models continously monitor ad performance & evaluate which ads need to be optimized out

With AdElement's dynamic display ad solution, we are able to run multiple banner variations and dial-in on the banner combination that generates the best ROI for our client's campaigns. They solve the problem of having to guess which banner design will perform the best. Instead, we can run multiple headlines, images and ad sizes and provide highly relevant ad messaging. AdElement's solution lets us bring the relevancy and targeting of search to display ads. Since running with AdElement, we have seen ROI improvement 2x-3x across our clients campaigns and our display campaigns are now comparable with the ROI of our search campaigns. "

author Katinka Soto Lucy
Head of Marketing, Abax Interactive
Los Angeles, USA