Improve ROI & Scale of Display Ads

Use AdElement's ad personalization, targeting & bid optimization technologies to get search like ROI

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Our Solutions:

Performance Display

  • Quickly build & setup tests for display ads
  • Automatic Ad Optimization & Evolution
  • Bidding algorithms to optimize bids
  • Plug & Play solution for several exchanges, SSP's

Segment Retargeting

  • Create segments of your site audience using referral data, site data, CRM data etc
  • Retarget audience segments with ads customized for each segment

Dynamic Retargeting

  • Create feed based dynamic retargeting campaigns in a self serve manner
  • Ability to vary bids by category
  • Machine learning algorithms to suggest related products

"Since running with AdElement, we have seen ROI improvement 2x-3x across our clients campaigns and our display campaigns are now comparable with the ROI of our search campaigns"

-Katinka Soto Lucy, Abax Interactive